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Your San Francisco, CA property experts are here and ready to help you buy or sell your home quickly and for the best price possible.

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Why Choose Us

Full-Service Broker

We are a full-service broker handling all aspects of San Francisco, CA real estate. We’ll leverage networks, handle the tech, and give you guidance and support along the way.

Peace of Mind

Our team delivers results, but we also make sure to give you peace of mind using proven, statistical data in every situation.

Best Price

Whether you’re buying or selling, our professional team works hard to get you the best possible price for your situation.

Comparative Market Analysis

We use comparative market analysis to determine the best prices and turnaround times for any property. This goes for buyers as well as for sellers.

Customer Focused

We’re customer focused. We aren’t afraid of weekend or late weekday showings. We work around your schedule and your needs.

Effective and Efficient

Simply put, our team is one of the most effective and efficient real estate teams in the San Francisco, CA area.

Buying a Home or Property

Those who want to buy a home or property are easily overwhelmed. Our professionals discuss your goals and needs with you, then begin showing you only the homes that fit your budget and your vision for the perfect property for you.

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Selling a Home or Property

When selling, you want to get the best possible price but also need to get fast results. We handle listings and other aspects of the process to ensure that your property is sold for the best price, as quickly as possible.

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Process Overview

  1. 1

    Step 1 — Meet and Greet

    We begin with a meet and greet. You’ll meet one of our professional agents. They’ll discuss your goals and your needs and get to know you. This helps ensure that they are able to understand what it is you’re looking to achieve, and that you work with an agent you like.

  2. 2

    Step 2 — Create a Customer Experience

    Next, we work to create a customer experience tailored directly to your goals. We are a full-service firm, and handle every single aspect of your real estate experience. This alleviates stress and lets us do the hard work while you get what it is that you’re looking for.

  3. 3

    Step 3 — Best Price Within the Timeline

    Our experience, skills, and connections mean that we are able to get our clients the best price within the timeline that they establish. We make sure that you aren’t left waiting to close for months and that you’re satisfied with your final price.

  • "I am a loan officer and work with Jeff on a continuous basis. He is very knowledgeable in his field and I have full confidence referring my clients to him. A class act that won’t disappointment. Contact him with confidence for all of your real estate needs.
    Thank you Jeff and keep up the good work!"
    — Matthew
  • "Jeff was such a pleasure to work with. He helped me with a purchase of a duplex and then rented both units for me. He negotiated very well on the purchase and got the highest price for the rental units. He kept me updated every step of the way and answered all my questions. I was very pleased and I would highly recommend working with Jeff for any of your real estate matters."
    — David
  • "Jeff first represented me on a purchase of a single-family home property. He then connected me with his contractor and Andy Sirkin Law, both of which helped with the renovation and condo conversion. After completion, Jeff sold the bottom unit, and then a year later (after I decided to move out of SF), he sold the top unit. Throughout the entire process, Jeff maintained professionalism, negotiated for top dollar, and the result was a triumphant win!"
    — Melissa

What We Do For Our Clients

  • Introductions

    As a certified broker associate with training from Coldwell Banker, you’ll be working with a highly trained professional who also partners with a major bank and a top tier real estate organization. Simply put, this means that you get the best professional possible.

  • Tour the Home

    If you’re selling, we work to make sure you get the right price. We’ll tour the home and evaluate it, then use data to see what comparable properties sell for. We’ll also provide you with tips to show the property better, netting you better sales potential in the process.

  • Market Analysis

    We use accurate, recent data from the San Francisco, CA area to make sure we have a clear idea as to what a realistic price is. Then, we'll help you get the right deal for your property.

  • Documentation

    We handle all of the paperwork, documentation, and confusing red tape for our clients. We explain everything you’ll be signing or doing, but make sure that the burden is taken off your shoulders so we can get you the most convenient experience possible.

  • Price & Property

    For buyers, we make sure that we find or negotiate the lowest price possible. For sellers, we do the opposite and work to get them the highest price possible for their sale. Either way, we work to get the best price, every time.

  • Purchase

    When the closing time comes, we’re still there to help. We’ll be present and help you get the results that you need, walk you through each form you sign, and ensure that you sign with confidence and close the deal the way you wanted to.

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